I Love NetGalley…But

Don’t get me wrong, NetGalley is a fantastic service. It spoils many avid readers with oodles of ARCs. I am a casual blogger who happens to have many reviews on Amazon US and Goodreads. I’m thankful for each and every ebook I am approved for.



Here are the features I’d love to see added to the website:

1. A time limit for publishers to approve or deny our requests. I’ve waited over a month to hear about a title. Some of us only request a couple at a time in order to manage our stack. Waiting weeks doesn’t work.


2. The ability to cancel a request. Sometimes we get click happy OR the response is taking too long and our TBR pile has grown too big. Or perhaps we received the physical book via another channel.


3. A horror category. Really, no horror? You have “Outdoors and Nature” but no horror slot? **** This has been added! Yay!


4. Approximate page numbers on the description page. I tend to avoid titles over a certain length. If I request, I’d like to know prior to approval. That way I won’t request five jumbo books. We realize these are ARCs – just give us an idea of length. I click over to Amazon and Goodreads *every single time* before requesting. It’s kind of a pain.


5. “Considering” button. I cruise the list of books almost daily. Sometimes I see one I’m thinking about. I’d like a way to mark it, but not request it just yet. *Especially when pubs are taking too long to respond. See, so much hinges on that. 🙂

6. “OMG” button – well, whatever you want to call it. I have a list of my uber favorite authors. I’d love to receive an email notification when these authors have a new title available.

7. I wish the search function would scan the book description. So – if I put in ‘dystopian’ ‘gothic’ or ‘alien’ it would pull up books with that word in its description.

Hmmm… That’s all I can think of.

Truly, I love NetGalley. Thank you publishers for using their site. I hope my reviews have helped sell books.

Readers – what feature would you like to see added to NetGalley?

Thanks for stopping!