Book Review: Collision by Kristen Granata


collision kristen Granata


by Kristen Granata

Length: 232 pages

Indie Author (yay, baby!!)

Source: I bought this ebook via Amazon


Merritt Adams was used to taking care of herself. With her mother’s selfish abandonment, and her father’s shocking suicide, she is convinced that nobody will ever stick around for long. However, after she is mysteriously rescued from a fiery crash, Merritt needs to learn how to accept help, and love – even when it comes from an unexpected source. Trying to create a new life for herself will be difficult, and so will resisting the charms of someone she swore she would never show interest in.

In addition to the buzz surrounding Merritt’s tragic headlines, everyone is talking about the charismatic Chase Brooks’ return home after spending two years in California aspiring to become a rock star. What people don’t know is the real reason why he had to leave his dreams behind. Saddened by his return, Chase is even more saddened to see how broken and alone his childhood classmate, Merritt, is.

Two sad souls could be good for each other, couldn’t they? Merritt isn’t so sure… and after she finds out who pulled her from the mangled car that night, her life will be changed forever.


I heard about COLLISION through Twitter. It sounded interesting so I decided to download the sample to my Kindle. I zoomed through that and liked it so much I had to buy the book right away.

In the description, Kristen Granata mentions depression, loss, and grief. But the first word she uses is love… this is a great love story. I was happy to come back each time I picked it up because every character was so wonderful. We see many examples of love such as friendship, family, and the community. Granata does a great job of writing likeable, loveable characters.

The primary example of love is shown with Merritt and Chase. I actually think this book could have a romance cover. We see their attraction grow through a very tough time in each of their lives. I smiled often, giggled, got teary-eyed many times, and even had a bit of a cry.

I’m trying to decide my favorite part or my favorite character, but I can’t. They were all so good! I didn’t want it to end.

Luckily book two, AVOIDANCE is available soon – August 1, 2018.

You can buy COLLISION here.

~ Jenna


Kristen Granata

About Kristen Granata

Kristen Granata was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1986. She moved to Staten Island with her parents when she was two-years old, and lived there for almost twenty years. Kristen attended community college, and became a teacher in 2012. She self-published her first novel, Collision, and is currently working on the sequel. She lives in Howell, New Jersey, with her wife and two step-daughters.


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