Vegas Mystery Series

Hi all,
If you’re looking to dig into a new mystery series with lots of books out, then give Rex Kusler a try.

There are 10 books in the series at the time of this post!!

The first book is – Punctured

Rex Kusler

I recently finished it and plan to read more. I liked the author’s writing style and his characters were interesting.

There wasn’t anything gory and his people seemed real – not over the top.


Happy reading!!



Book Review: Apples Should be Red

Apples Should be Red by Penny Watson


Romantic Comedy, Novella

I purchased this e-book

· Warning · The grumpy old guy in this book swears a lot!!

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This is a story of Bev and Tom, two older characters thrown together for a weekend. These two are complete opposites. As opposite as two humans can be.

Penny Watson can write some very witty scenes. Her characters and dialog crack me up throughout an entire book. I first read LUMBERJACK IN LOVE by Watson and loved it. Her novellas do not seem short or lacking. They are great afternoon reads.

Penny doesn’t neglect the side characters. Her entire cast is fun and colorful. It makes the reading experience rich and fun.

You need to pick this one up. Super cute!

I can’t wait until she writes more quirky stories. I will be in line to buy them.


Book Review – Be Careful, It’s My Heart

What a fun title!

Be Careful, It’s My Heart
by Kait Nolan

be careful its my heart kate nolan

Published – November 2013
122 pages
* I purchased this title


The historic Madrigal theater, in the heart of downtown Wishful, is about to close its doors forever.  A last ditch fund-raising effort, a production of White Christmas, is probably the only thing that could bring Tyler Edison out of retirement.  She fell in love on that stage, but when Brody Jensen abandoned her, she lost the heart to sing and dance for the crowd.  Maybe it’s time to take that back…

It seems like pure chance when Brody’s job, which has taken him all over the world, brings him back to his little hometown to oversee his boss’s latest secret project.  Brody’s looking for closure, planning to sell the house his parents left him and finally put his past, and his memories of Tyler, behind him.  What better way than to be a part of this last show?  Even though his leading lady is surely long gone…

Put on your dancing shoes, auditions start at six o’clock.

Be Careful, It’s My Heart is a novella of approximately 39k words.

My Review

Four Stars!!

If you are in the mood for a lighthearted story, then I suggest “Be Careful, It’s My Heart.”

This was a fun, quick read – but not so quick that it felt rushed. The characters were charming and the plot fun. Kait Nolan has a wonderful skill of writing tension. This kept me turning pages.

The town of Wishful, Mississippi is a great setting. I certainly hope Ms Nolan continues this series. My only critique is, I hoped for more atmosphere and mood from the small town setting – more physical description. I think I want this because I know I will love the scene Kait will paint.

If you’ve read any of the short novels from the Harlequin Kiss line of books, you will LOVE this title.

I’m eager to read more.

You can find it on Amazon here –

Kait’s Website.

~ Jenna

New Title – Heather Wardell

Congratulations to Heather Wardell on her new release!

Fifty Million Reasons

fifty million reasons wardell

Release date – December 2013
290 pages
Toronto Series


Angela has typical lottery-player plans: help friends and family, give more to charity, and escape her rut. But when she wins big, she faces angry relatives, her own unexpected greed, and a lawsuit from the person who put her in that rut. Almost nobody treats her normally, and they’ve got fifty million reasons not to.

She can buy anything she wants now, but can she buy the life she needs?

~ * ~

I want to read that one.

Find it on Goodreads.

~ Jenna