Review: I Dream of Johnny

Here is a great, fun book.

One of my five star reads for 2013.

i dream of johnny madison

I Dream of Johnny
by Juliet Madison

Published – September 2013
Escape Publishing
42 pages
* I purchased this ebook.


From the author of Fast Forward comes a story about three wishes, a high-tech genie in a lamp, and one very unfortunate typo…

Getting three wishes isn’t all it’s cracked up to be when an unfortunate spelling error in Mandy’s high-tech magic lamp changes her wish for a Greek God to a Geek God. His fashion IQ is in the negatives, he’s clingier than cling wrap, and he has a penchant for breaking into song at inappropriate moments. Before Mandy can request a replacement wish, she has to put up with him for twenty four hours, and the timing couldn’t be worse — it’s her friend’s wedding day, her ex will be there, and the God of Geeks insists on coming along for the ride!

My Review:


I thoroughly enjoyed this short ebook. I giggled and chuckled all the way through – I even cringed in a few spots.

Jonathan is lovable and the story such fun. A few parts were over the top, but that was part of the charm.

I may have gotten a little misty-eyed at the end.

This story would make a great TV movie.

~ * ~

Find it on Amazon–  I suggest you read it! So cute!

~ Jenna


Review: Lurker

I am a fan of novellas – not the prequel, cliffhanger types, good, well written shorter stories. They are difficult to create.

I found a good one recently.

Lurker by Gary Fry


Dark Fuse Press
56 pages
release date: November 2013


Meg and Harry have retreated to a remote cottage on the northeast coast of England to recuperate from the mental and physical stress of losing their baby. While exploring the ancient coastal landscape, Meg chances upon eighteenth-century quarry mines reclaimed by nature. But birds and butterflies aren’t all she finds.

When a young woman goes missing, Meg must try to make sense of her many bizarre experiences: muddy handprints on the walls, savage dreams, and a visit from a stranger who may not be what she seems.

And something else is lurking nearby, something that adapts and feeds on grief. And Meg may not be able to stop it…

My Review:

Four Stars!!

Fear and Paranoia… Creeping In

Meg and Harry have moved to a quiet coastal town. It is lonely, cold, and sad… just like their marriage. Meg has quit her job and spends long days by herself.

Thank you NetGalley and Dark Fuse Press for this title.

What I liked most about this novella was the steady build of fear, paranoia, and panic. The atmosphere surrounds meg and closes in on her. So creepy and well done.

At times it was a little slow, but the details were all a part of the story. Is it truly happening? Is it Meg’s imagination? What the heck is outside her window!?

A great short piece. I will definitely look for more by this author. His writing gave me the creeps!

~ * ~

I plan to read more from Dark Fuse Press. (Sadly since this post, Dark Fuse has gone out of business.)

~ Jenna