Book Review: Apples Should be Red

Apples Should be Red by Penny Watson


Romantic Comedy, Novella

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· Warning · The grumpy old guy in this book swears a lot!!

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This is a story of Bev and Tom, two older characters thrown together for a weekend. These two are complete opposites. As opposite as two humans can be.

Penny Watson can write some very witty scenes. Her characters and dialog crack me up throughout an entire book. I first read LUMBERJACK IN LOVE by Watson and loved it. Her novellas do not seem short or lacking. They are great afternoon reads.

Penny doesn’t neglect the side characters. Her entire cast is fun and colorful. It makes the reading experience rich and fun.

You need to pick this one up. Super cute!

I can’t wait until she writes more quirky stories. I will be in line to buy them.