Book Review: Mountain Rose by Cheryl St. John


mountain rose cheryl st john


Mountain Rose

Author: Cheryl St. John

Publisher: Harlequin

Pub Date: January 15, 2018

Genre: Love Inspired Historical

Length: 122 pages

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Teacher Olivia Rose knows what it’s like to grow up alone and unwanted. But convincing reserved rancher Jules Parrish he can give his orphaned niece a real home won’t be easy—unless Olivia seizes the chance of love and motherhood she never expected….

Originally published in 2010


Four Stars

As you can see by the length of the title, only 122 pages, the reader is in for a short, sweet love story.

Readers who trudge through long, heavy titles should seek out books like these. They are a perfect reading ‘snack’ in between those exhausting books.

Emily and Olivia have traveled across country to find Emily’s Uncle Jules. Olivia knows she needs to make sure the little girl is safe and settled… and then leave. It’s the leaving that is the tough part.

Jules is single. He has no plans to marry, his house hasn’t even been started yet. He can’t take care of a little girl. He certainly shouldn’t think about a wife!

Oh, so sweet and lovely. I really appreciated the fun ranch hand characters and the episodes of eager men who came courting. I will check out more titles by Cheryl St. John. She has many!! There is even a nonfiction book on writing.


~ Jenna