Book Review: Lost Dogs Part 1 – Last Fight of the Old Hound

Lost Dogs Part I

Lost Dogs Part I – Last Fight of the Old Hound

by Nils Ӧdlund

Length: 156 pages


Source: I was given a review copy of this ebook

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Roy van Waldenberger faces the most difficult decision of his life: truth or loyalty?

On the one hand are the values he believes in, the moral code he built his life upon, and the promise he made to the woman he loves. On the other hand is the future of his best friend, and that of her children and her grandson.

Known to fans and admirers as The Wolf of the North, Roy has fought at the highest level of werewolf bloodsports for over a decade. He’s won more matches and titles than anyone alive, and he’s never thrown a fight. With the last match of his career just around the corner, a polite request is made for Roy to let the other fighter win, or else…

It’s not the decision that’s difficult – it’s accepting the consequences.


I discovered this author and book while cruising around WordPress. I believe I was searching the tag ‘writing.’

I saw the blog post and found the description so intriguing, I decided to download the sample to my Kindle. So good, the intro alone made want to jump right into the entire story.

Some authors have the gift of setting a scene, giving you mood, scents and a vivid feel for surroundings – Nils Ӧdlund does just that. Something as simple as a street or book shop is brought to life through his choice of words. So. Well. Done.

We follow Roy, The Wolf of the North, as he prepares for an upcoming blood sport event. He is the headliner, the defending champ. Winning against the young opponent should be easy, but there’s a catch…

I’ll admit, I love MMA. OK Mr. Ӧdlund, I am now really intrigued.

The character descriptions and personalities are really good. I loved the interaction between Roy and his coach, Jenny. Silly and fun, it showed how much they care for each other.

I wish there had been more backstory about Roy’s lost love, Toini. I also would have liked more scenes of training and the actual fight. (Did I mention I like romance and MMA?)

This is a quick read. It also just Part I of a series… Part I – so you will need, want to buy the next title Lost Dogs Part II: Undeserved Second Chance. I see a third book already loaded to Amazon. Yay!

A wonderful discovery. I highly recommend this author.

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~ Jenna

About Nils Odlund

nils odlund

Nils Odlund is a writing and fantasy enthusiast. He’s currently chipping away at a series of novellas about the adventures of two shape shifters and a paladin, while at the same time trying to crack open the secrets of storytelling.

Odlund is originally from Sweden but lives these days in Cork, Ireland. When not writing, he enjoys exploring the countryside on foot, and when the weather gets too bad he’ll stay home and play games on the computer (or write some more). You can follow Odlund on his blog where he mostly posts pictures of coffee, beer, and the Irish countryside, as well as the occasional update on his writing progress.

Also, it’s really Ödlund, but that’s a bit of a hassle to type on most non-Swedish keyboards.


Book Review: The Bookshop on the Corner

The Bookshop on the Corner

by Rebecca Raisin

Bookshop on the corner


A Book About a Book Lover!!

Four Stars

Well, so many of us fall into this category. Who doesn’t dream of books secretly calling out to us, ‘read me. Your Prince Charming is near,’

Thank you Carina UK and NetGalley for the review copy of this book!

Even though this is part of a series… kind of. You can read this title as a stand alone. The fact that there are other books with these people and setting is a perk, not a hindrance.

The cast of characters found in this short read are Charming!! I want to read every written by Rebecca Raisin. Her imagination brings us Missy, Cee Cee, … and Ridge. Oh la la. Ms Raisin can draw very unique and special people. It makes you want to hang around them for a long time. I sure hope her future books based on Ashford, CT will be just as cute but twice as long. 🙂

* slight spoilers

I would have to say, my only complaint is it ended so quickly. Sarah let’s her guard down, decides to give love a chance and Poof! the book is over. I wanted to revel in her happiness. Enjoy the new found love with her. Hear about it. Not so much a sex scene – just more sweet stuff like the rest of the book.

* End spoilers

Book lovers, this one is for you. Get it and smile. I will definitely be reading more from this author. Loved.
There are more books in this series. Yay! Find Them Here