Review Requests

Hello Authors and Publishers!

Thank you for contacting me about your titles. I have to admit, I’m a fairly picky reader. Please read this page carefully.


I try to buy a few books each month to support authors and publishers. I love the library and also enter a lot of giveaway contests.

Genres I prefer: cozy mysteries, women sleuths, Harlequin titles, all types of romance, rom com, chick lit, historical fiction, horror, 100% stand alone short stories or novellas. I’ll also read fun or sexy titles with vampires and werewolves. Ohhhh – Jane Austen fan fic – yes please!

Sorry I do not read: YA, New Adult, Fantasy, Scifi, Erotica, or nonfiction. I also don’t read (or understand) stories with fae, dragons, magic or mer-people. I prefer titles under 300 pages.

Does your book fit? I’d like to hear about it! Feel free to contact me about reviewing your title. I will accept ebook and print versions. You can send an email to JAScribbles – at – g mail.

** In your email please be sure to:

  1. Mention this blog and this blog post.
  2. Send your book’s Goodreads or Amazon link in the email
  3. I would love to receive hard copies of middle grade, or children’s books. Titles good for ages 8 through 13. If you would like to mail me a book, please email me first using the email above.

If you send me information about your book, I may or may not read it, but will do my best to respond.

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~ Jenna