Book Review: The Dark Place by Mildred Davis

I love shopping at thrift stores. My husband and I recently moved to a new place. We purged so much furniture, we had nothing!! So off to the local thrift store we went.

Wow we found treasures!! I also scooped up some bargain books.

The Dark Place Mildred Davis

The Dark Place by Mildred Davis


It was visitors’ day at the asylum, and a careless nurse forgot to lock the corridor door. Thus Laura escaped. She walked out with the visitors and hitched rides all day. In the evening she reached her brother.

She would have to go back, he told her. “They wouldn’t let you stay here. Remember the little girl…? That’s why we had to send you away.”

But Laura had it all planned….And so it was that the small community got new neighbors. One–her name was Beverly Urey–seemed very kind and obliging. She loved children and considered it a favor when she was allowed to babysit.

Peggy, who lived across the road, didn’t like her at all. Some of the other neighbors thought Miss Urey a bit peculiar. But they had other, more important things to think about: the body of an unidentified woman had been found in the woods.


Holy moly. I thought that I’d  be reading a fluffy, watered down thriller. No. Nope.

This book seriously gave me the creeps. Ms. Davis put me right into the mind of Laura and her psychosis.

It was originally published in 1955. I will definitely buy more of her titles. They may be difficult to find, but I will find them.

Do you buy books from thrift stores? Have you found treasures?

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Goodreads Giveaway – Look What I won!

I regularly enter the Goodreads giveaways. It’s a great way to try new authors.

Here is the link to the giveaways ending soon: Goodreads Giveaways Ending Soon that way you don’t have to wait long. You can also select if you want to see the print book giveaways or a Kindle version. I select Kindle since I prefer ebooks.

Look What I Won Recently:

Lullabies For Suffering: Tales of Addiction and Horror   (reminder that my blog has affiliate links)

Lullabies for Suffering


Addiction starts like a sweet lullaby sung by a trusted loved one. It washes away the pains of the day and wraps you in the warmness of the womb where nothing hurts and every dream is possible. Yet soon enough, this warm state of bliss becomes a cold shiver, the ecstasy and dreams become nightmares, yet we can’t stop listening to the lullaby. We crave to hear the siren song as it rips us apart.

Six stories: three novellas, three novelettes, written by a powerful list of talent, all featuring the insidious nature of addiction–damaged humans craving for highs and wholeness but finding something more tragic and horrific on the other side.

Caroline Kepnes author of You and Hidden Bodies
Kealan Patrick Burke, author of Sour Candy and Kin
Mercedes M. Yardley, author of Pretty Little Dead Girls
John FD Taff, author of The Fearing
Mark Matthews, author of Milk-Blood
Gabino Iglesias, author of Coyote Songs

I’m looking forward to reading this one.

I’ll post a review once I’m done.

~ Jenna