I Love NetGalley…But

Don’t get me wrong, NetGalley is a fantastic service. It spoils many avid readers with oodles of ARCs. I am a casual blogger who happens to have many reviews on Amazon US and Goodreads. I’m thankful for each and every ebook I am approved for.



Here are the features I’d love to see added to the website:

1. A time limit for publishers to approve or deny our requests. I’ve waited over a month to hear about a title. Some of us only request a couple at a time in order to manage our stack. Waiting weeks doesn’t work.


2. The ability to cancel a request. Sometimes we get click happy OR the response is taking too long and our TBR pile has grown too big. Or perhaps we received the physical book via another channel.


3. A horror category. Really, no horror? You have “Outdoors and Nature” but no horror slot? **** This has been added! Yay!


4. Approximate page numbers on the description page. I tend to avoid titles over a certain length. If I request, I’d like to know prior to approval. That way I won’t request five jumbo books. We realize these are ARCs – just give us an idea of length. I click over to Amazon and Goodreads *every single time* before requesting. It’s kind of a pain.


5. “Considering” button. I cruise the list of books almost daily. Sometimes I see one I’m thinking about. I’d like a way to mark it, but not request it just yet. *Especially when pubs are taking too long to respond. See, so much hinges on that. 🙂

6. “OMG” button – well, whatever you want to call it. I have a list of my uber favorite authors. I’d love to receive an email notification when these authors have a new title available.

7. I wish the search function would scan the book description. So – if I put in ‘dystopian’ ‘gothic’ or ‘alien’ it would pull up books with that word in its description.

Hmmm… That’s all I can think of.

Truly, I love NetGalley. Thank you publishers for using their site. I hope my reviews have helped sell books.

Readers – what feature would you like to see added to NetGalley?

Thanks for stopping!




Review: Ghosts of the Falls

Here is my review of –

ghosts of the falls

Ghosts of the Falls
by Sarah Gilman
October 2013
Entangled: Ever After
54 pages
paranormal, romance

Find it on Goodreads.

Thank you NetGalley and Entangled for this ebook.


Determined to prove she’s fit for the family business, exorcist Jade Clarence knows the assignment waiting in Maine is her last chance. Born into a family of exorcists, Jade’s unorthodox ideas have gotten her into trouble in the past…and cost the life of a client.

After haunting a Maine state park for more than a century, Dutch Hutchinson will do whatever it takes to bring an end to his unfulfilling existence. When an act of arson brings a beautiful exorcist to town, Dutch takes corporeal form in order to spend his last hours in her company.

Jade quickly uncovers Dutch’s true identity and finds herself falling for the man behind the spirit. But when Jade’s legacy threatens their future, they will have to overcome the greatest of odds—life and death.

My Review –

Three Stars

This is a nice, quick novella. You will find a pleasant setting, likable characters, and sexy scenes.

Thank you NetGalley and Entangled Press for the review copy of this title.

Even though I found this ebook an enjoyable read, it was somewhat plain. It was nice, fine, OK. Nothing very memorable. It didn’t need to be longer, it just needed more spark.

I think this author has talent. She just needs to push things further, deeper.

~ * ~

So I guess it was just OK.

~ Jenna

Review: Lurker

I am a fan of novellas – not the prequel, cliffhanger types, good, well written shorter stories. They are difficult to create.

I found a good one recently.

Lurker by Gary Fry


Dark Fuse Press
56 pages
release date: November 2013


Meg and Harry have retreated to a remote cottage on the northeast coast of England to recuperate from the mental and physical stress of losing their baby. While exploring the ancient coastal landscape, Meg chances upon eighteenth-century quarry mines reclaimed by nature. But birds and butterflies aren’t all she finds.

When a young woman goes missing, Meg must try to make sense of her many bizarre experiences: muddy handprints on the walls, savage dreams, and a visit from a stranger who may not be what she seems.

And something else is lurking nearby, something that adapts and feeds on grief. And Meg may not be able to stop it…

My Review:

Four Stars!!

Fear and Paranoia… Creeping In

Meg and Harry have moved to a quiet coastal town. It is lonely, cold, and sad… just like their marriage. Meg has quit her job and spends long days by herself.

Thank you NetGalley and Dark Fuse Press for this title.

What I liked most about this novella was the steady build of fear, paranoia, and panic. The atmosphere surrounds meg and closes in on her. So creepy and well done.

At times it was a little slow, but the details were all a part of the story. Is it truly happening? Is it Meg’s imagination? What the heck is outside her window!?

A great short piece. I will definitely look for more by this author. His writing gave me the creeps!

~ * ~

I plan to read more from Dark Fuse Press. Check out that link for all their freaky offerings.

~ Jenna

Sexy Dragons

Sexy Dragons

Look what I got from NetGalley!

A sexy, dragon shifter title.

Can’t wait.


** Update **


this is was unfortunately a DNF for me. I have a difficult time with romance titles, even erotica where the main characters are INSTANTLY uber turned on by each other. That don’t even know each other’s names yet.


Pass – but still love the cover. 🙂