How to Get ARCs – Part Two

This post is a follow up to another popular one on this blog How to Get Advance Reading Copies of books?


Authors want reviews from established book blogs and reviewers. Build a great blog or Amazon profile (with LOTS of thorough reviews before requesting!)

Here are a few more ways to get ARCs:

1. Amazon has a ‘coming soon’ listing. You can politely request an ARC from these authors or publishers. See them all here:

2. Search Twitter for the phrase “ARC giveaway” from an author or publisher.

3. How about free brand new books – not advance, not before a release date…

Try the Cloud Library  or the Hoopla app. I’ve been able to check out soooo many great ebooks! The app is a free download to iPhones or follow the instructions to add the app to your Kindle Fire

4. Not quite free but, how about Kindle Unlimited?

Here’s link to all the Kindle Unlimited titles –

Over 1 million ebooks!!

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Currently Reading – Greyhound

I’m going to give this book a thumbs up even though I am only about 30% into it.

It’s keeping my attention and I really like the writing and characters.

Find it on Amazon here – Greyhound by Steffan Piper

*** Ok, review time. I finished it and REALLY liked it!!





~~ Jenna

Book Review: The Bookshop on the Corner

The Bookshop on the Corner

by Rebecca Raisin

Bookshop on the corner


A Book About a Book Lover!!

Four Stars

Well, so many of us fall into this category. Who doesn’t dream of books secretly calling out to us, ‘read me. Your Prince Charming is near,’

Thank you Carina UK and NetGalley for the review copy of this book!

Even though this is part of a series… kind of. You can read this title as a stand alone. The fact that there are other books with these people and setting is a perk, not a hindrance.

The cast of characters found in this short read are Charming!! I want to read every written by Rebecca Raisin. Her imagination brings us Missy, Cee Cee, … and Ridge. Oh la la. Ms Raisin can draw very unique and special people. It makes you want to hang around them for a long time. I sure hope her future books based on Ashford, CT will be just as cute but twice as long. 🙂

* slight spoilers

I would have to say, my only complaint is it ended so quickly. Sarah let’s her guard down, decides to give love a chance and Poof! the book is over. I wanted to revel in her happiness. Enjoy the new found love with her. Hear about it. Not so much a sex scene – just more sweet stuff like the rest of the book.

* End spoilers

Book lovers, this one is for you. Get it and smile. I will definitely be reading more from this author. Loved.
There are more books in this series. Yay! Find Them Here



Book Review – The Haunting at Blackwood Hall

Book Review

The Haunting at Blackwood Hall by Barrymore Tebbs

Similar to Jane Eyre

Four Stars

Jane Eyre-ish

I’ve been on a ghost story kick lately. I’ve also been trying out books that are in some way similar to Jane Eyre. The Haunting at Blackwood Hall seemed to fit both of these criteria so I gave it a try. I’m very glad I did.

Governesses, ghosts, mansions on the moors… ahhhh just what I was looking for. Tebbs takes his time with the atmosphere giving the reader time to savor. If you are looking for a fast paced thriller, then this book is not for you.

Each character was presented with a clear and distinct personality. I loved the child, Alice. What a perfect addition to this spooky story.

*slight spoilers*

I took away one star for the up and down pacing. There were numerous climaxes. I wasn’t sure which were key scenes. Some story lines seemed random or incomplete – Bahktu and the reveal of Kent’s real personality. Huh? I needed more with those two.

* End spoilers*

I sure hope Barrymore Tebbs is writing more gothic tales. I will read them FOR SURE!

You can find it here – The Haunting and Blackwood Hall