Book Review: Enticed by Her Island Billionaire

Thank you NetGalley, Harlequin and author for the ARC of this book!

Enticed by Her Island Billionaire

by Becky Wicks

Published August 25th 2020

Harlequin Medical Romance



By a man she can’t have!

Dr. Mila Ricci is excited to visit the stunning Indonesian island where Sebastian Becker is pioneering a technique to heal scars. But he’s the exact opposite of the rich celebrity surgeon she’d been expecting—and Mila is immediately attracted to him! Wrestling his own demons, Sebastian might be sexy but he’s no superficial playboy; he craves a home and family. Things Mila feels are not for her, especially not with him.

Four Stars

My Review:

What an interesting romance! I’ve never read a title under the medical romance line of Harlequin. I wasn’t sure what to expect.

The love story of Mila and Sebastian takes us to an island near Bali. The scenes have a larger sense of drama and peril. Accidents, surgeries, etc. It showed the strength and intelligence of the two main characters. We were also given cute kids and bouncy dogs.

Sebastian is a strong, confident, sexy character. Unfortunately I found Mila a little too distraught. Too sad. Still a great story. I will read more medical dramas via Harlequin.

Thank you Harlequin and NetGalley for the review copy.

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Do you read Harlequin titles? What are your favorite lines? Love Inspired, Desire?


Book Review – Bloodhound by Andrew Puckett

Time for a whodunit book review!

This one involves tainted blood. Eek!


Title: Bloodhound

Author: Andrew Puckett

Publisher: Sharpe Books

Publication Date: February 11, 2019

Source: I purchased this ebook

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This is book three of the Tom Jones series, but I had no problem jumping in at this one. I was not lost.

Description:  Blood transfusions have saved countless lives over the years, but when a terrorist group agitating for Scottish independence deliberately contaminates a hundred blood packs with a deadly bacteria, this normally safe procedure poses a terrifying threat.

Department of Health investigator Tom Jones is recalled from holiday to assist with the police enquiries, and the trail leads him to the West Highland Transfusion Centre – where, to complicate matters, he finds that his former girlfriend is now in a relationship with one of the chief suspects.

The hunter will turn into the hunted however, as Tom is targeted when his investigation grows close to uncovering the truth.

Four Stars

Such an interesting whodunit. I jumped into this book without reading the first two. The scenes take place in Ireland, so that was fun and refreshing. 

The main character, Tom is an intelligent sleuth with a dry wit. Snarky humor is amazing.  I was drawn in right away. 

The premise for the mystery is kind of a scary thought – blood packs all over the country are tainted with a deadly organism (virus? disease? I can’t remember. People die.) It’s a race against the clock to figure out – how did the bad guys tamper the plastic blood containers without being detected and who did it!? 

The last five to six chapters were made of fun action. I encourage Puckett to fill an entire novel with this. So well done. I didn’t know the culprit until the reveal at the end of the novel – lots of characters. Lots of suspects.

I’d definitely read more by this author.

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~ Jenna

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Another bloody, virus filled book: The Hot Zone: The Terrify True Story of the Origins of the Ebola Virus. Oh my – so scarey! Don’t read on an airplane. I made that mistake.