Book Order of Loon Lake Mystery Series and a Review of Dead Angler, Book 1


Dead Angler Victoria Houston

Are you ready to dig into a new mystery series? One with lots and lots of books?

I just finished reading – DEAD ANGLER by Victoria Houston

Pages: 274

Publisher: Gallery Books

Source: I got this ebook from my library


Retired dentist Paul Osborne hasn’t fly-fished since his wife died. He hasn’t had a woman tell him what to do since then either. But in the company of Lewellyn Ferris, he’s relearning both. And when he and his lady instructor find a well-dressed body floating in the moonlight, Paul adds “deputy” to his list of experiences…Whether the death is accidental—or accidentally on purpose—Lewellyn is determined to reel in the truth. She enlists Paul and his walleye-expert buddy, Ray, to help her get to the bottom of the murky mystery.


I was in the mood for a cozy mystery set in a small town. The Loon Lake series takes place in northern Wisconsin – hey, I have family with cabins near northern WI!!

Since this is Book One of the series, we meet a lot of characters. I assume most of the stories will be centered around Lew, the female chief of police and Osborne, the retired dentist turned deputy.

I sense a love interest there.

The mystery was great and kept me guessing. The book ends with suspense and fun action. I really liked it and will make my way through the series.

Go ahead and check out Book One – Dead Angler. Here are all the books in the Loon Lake Mystery Series published at the time of this post:

  1. Dead Angler
  2. Dead Creek
  3. Dead Water
  4. Dead Frenzy
  5. Dead Hot Mama
  6. Dead Jitterbug
  7. Dead Boogie
  8. Dead Madonna
  9. Dead Hot Shot
  10. Dead Renegade
  11. Dead Deceiver
  12. Dead Tease
  13. Dead Insider
  14. Dead Lil’ Hustler
  15. Dead Rapunzel
  16. Dead Loudmouth
  17. Dead Spider
  18. Dead Firefly – released June 19, 2018

Happy reading!!

~ Jenna


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