The Curse of Malenfer Manor

Oh yes – thank you NetGalley and Wayzgoose Press for this ebook.

curse of malenfer manor

I have to say, I am really enjoying the author’s writing style.

I just hit hit a scene that creeped me out so much, it made me shiver!!

Love it.

Update – here is my review:


“A Little Bit of Everything”

This novel gave me a touch of everything I was hoping for: action, ghosts, great characters, history, and spooky scenes.

Thank you NetGalley and the publisher for a review copy of this title.

What a rich and vivid story. I thoroughly enjoyed the characters – good and bad guys. They were all so well written. McChesney can certainly write tense and creepy scenes. There is one scary incident in an old bedroom… I won’t spoil it. BUT EEEEW! So well done.

I’d like to encourage the author to write a straight forward gothic horror novel. I feel he would do an outstanding job.

I took away one star because parts of this novel became a touch too detailed. But not many. Those areas dragged just slightly.

All in all a great mystery with ghosts and family drama. I enjoyed it very much.

~ Jenna



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