Twitter Assistant


Twitter Assistant

Welcome authors, publishers, writing associations, and bloggers.

Are you looking for easy, short term promo help?  Would you like to do a better job of using tweets as promotions or to engage an audience? Do you have an upcoming event such as a Goodreads book giveaway, new release, blog event, or an ebook freebie announcement?

I’m here to help. Just think of me as your Twitter Assistant.

I will send 2 or 3 tweets per day from my accounts. The tweets will include links and #s that will draw attention to your titles. I will also send tweets about positive reviews, comments, as well as occasional tweets with the link to your author page, website or blog. This service is for people looking to access a NEW Twitter audience for a short window of time. A 10 to 20 day promotion – easy! I’ll do all the work!

My twitter accounts are and – Most of the tweets will be sent from the JAScribles account – only a few per week from the LazyLady account.

Twitter followers as of 12/07/2016
Lazy Lady = 1314
JAScribbles = 2962

These numbers are growing fast – I am actively increasing my followers. I am engaged with them and not just a robot or RT maniac.🙂 All tweets are LIVE, not auto-scheduled.

Why should you do this? It’s a great marketing tool for those of you without a Twitter account. Perfect for people with a small Twitter following. Perhaps you are so busy writing or blogging that you don’t have time to Tweet. ** Finally, my Twitter following may be completely different than yours. More eyes for your titles!


Introductory price for a short gig where tweets are sent from my accounts:
10 days = $10
20 days = $20

If you’d like me to take over and manage your Twitter account, we’ll need to discuss details, talk about your vision and negotiate a price. (I’m cheap.ha ha)

The fine print:

1. Fees to be paid in advance via PayPal
2. Please allow one week notice before you’d like to begin so we can prepare.
3. You can send me tweet suggestions or I will create them.
4. I do not use software to auto tweet. These are live and made personally by me while I sit at my computer – a personal touch!
5. To comply with affiliate rules – none of my tweets that you have paid me to send will contain an affiliate link.
6. The rates and terms may change.
7. I live in the US in the upper Midwest. The tweeting will occur between 8:00am and 8:00pm.

Interested? Want to chat more about this? Email me and we’ll talk. CraftBrag @ g mail. Please note, this is not my PayPal email.

Do you need another type if Twitter assistance? I’d love to hear from you.

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How to Get ARCs – Part Two

This post is a follow up to another popular one on this blog How to Get Advance Reading Copies of books?


Authors want reviews from established book blogs and reviewers. Build a great blog or Amazon profile (with LOTS of thorough reviews before requesting!)

Here are a few more ways to get ARCs:

1. Amazon has a ‘coming soon’ listing. You can politely request an ARC from these authors or publishers. See them all here:

2. Search Twitter for the phrase “ARC giveaway” from an author or publisher.

3. How about free brand new books – not advance, not before a release date…

Try the 3M Cloud Library app. I’ve been able to check out soooo many great ebooks! The app is a free download to iPhones or follow the instructions to add the app to your Kindle Fire

4. Not quite free but, how about Kindle Unlimited?

Here’s link to all the Kindle Unlimited titles –

Over 1 million ebooks!!  Bookmark that link!!

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Happy reading!!